For this inaugural edition of our tyre test, we cast a broad net, looking to test a few contenders across all the major categories of tyres on the market.

Each tyre category will be tested by one car, and all tyres will run through all of our test stations:

  • Dry Handling (circuit)
  • Dry Grip (skidpan)
  • Wet Grip (skidpan)
  • Dry Braking
  • Wet Braking
  • Comfort & Noise
  • Rolling Resistance

All results will be recorded for all tyres, but the weightage or importance of each test station varies between tyre categories, and will be revealed together with the final scores.


The Team

Joel Tam
Director, Ignition Labs

Sheldon Trollope
Editorial Director, Ignition Labs

Alvin Tan
Operations Director, Ignition Labs

Jonathan Lim

Samantha Phua

Vivek Max R.
Community Manager, Ignition Labs