Asia’s Ultimate Tyre awards was started by the team at Ignition Labs to answer a question asked ever so often by car owners: “What are the best tyres I can buy?”. More specifically, we wanted to address a question nobody else has been able to answer before: “What are the best tyres available in Singapore?”.

Tyres are one of the most important aspects of car maintenance, since they affect everything about how a car drives – from safety, to performance, to comfort, to efficiency.

But although there are plenty of other tyre tests and reviews all over the internet, they’re mostly held in other continents and in different climates, so their results contain many variables that aren’t completely relevant for us here in Singapore, or indeed Southeast Asia.

Which is why we started AUTA, Singapore’s first-ever comprehensive and scientific tyre test, to compare the most popular tyres head-to-head in ways that are most useful to Singaporeans. That means testing the correct, localised-spec tyres for our market, in a local venue and under local weather conditions.

With over 50 years of combined experience as automotive journalists, the AUTA team knows the importance of clear, unbiased consumer advice, and we strive to make AUTA the definitive source of tyre information for all Singaporeans.

Because here  at AUTA, we’re deeply passionate about cars. To us, cars aren’t just transportation, they’re more like four-wheeled friends, which is why we want to care for ours the best we can, and we’re sure you do too.

The Team

Joel Tam
Director, Ignition Labs

Sheldon Trollope
Editorial Director, Ignition Labs

Alvin Tan
Operations Director, Ignition Labs

Jonathan Lim

Samantha Phua

Vivek Max R.
Community Manager, Ignition Labs