Black Star Leonard – Launch Of The Lowest Carbon Footprint Multi-Life Tyre.

Black Star Leonard – Launch Of The Lowest Carbon Footprint Multi-Life Tyre.

Black Star, a prominent French tyre retreader, recently announced the launch of its latest tyre, dubbed “Leonard”.

This announcement was during the first edition of Drive to Zero at the Grand Palais Éphémère, held in Paris from 5-7 April 2023.

The new Multi-Life tyre claims to offer the lowest carbon footprint in the market. These will be manufactured at the former Bridgestone plant located in Béthune, France.

The tyre’s name was coined after French historical leader Leonardo da Vinci. The company hopes that with this new technology, they are able to promote an integrated ecosystem with more awareness and adoption of second-life tyres, whilst addressing environmental, economic, and social issues at the same time.

The Leonard tyre helps in this regard as it helps reduce overall CO2 emissions by up to 60%, plus it reduces material production pollution by up to 80%. Low rolling resistance benefits vehicles too, as it provides for better fuel consumption and fewer CO2 emissions. All of this, while delivering improved grip, increased durability, and maximum safety.

Four different profiles are currently available for the Leonard tyre range, and each offers performance on different road conditions and terrains. Two of these are All-Season and Summer profiles, which are designed for dynamic and safe driving with excellent handling and maximum grip. All profiles also feature efficient aquaplaning resistance.

“For 2 years, we worked to set up this project, transform the factory and develop our new product. Today the entire Black Star team and I are very proud to be able to present our new Made in Béthune tyre at the Drive to Zero show. With Leonard, we have an immediately actionable and proven response to the environmental challenges of mobility. It’s a tyre serving a cause.” said Laurent Cabassu, Managing Director of Black Star.

Michelin also recently announced the launch of their new Pilot Sport S 5. Read more about it here!

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