The BMW M3 CS Is A Track-Bred Street Monster 

The BMW M3 CS Is A Track-Bred Street Monster 

BMW has revealed the latest addition to the M family in the form of the M3 CS.

The M3 CS monocle hasn’t been used many times since its inception, reserved only for top-of-the-line hardcore BMW models. Now, the German marque has released an over-the-top variant of the G80 3-series.

This Frankenstein blends the 542 bhp straight-6 from the M4 CSL with the practical body and all-wheel drive system of an already bonkers M3 Competition. This means that the new boy packs 39 more horses than the M3 Competition. Peak horsepower is achieved at just 6250rpm, ahead of the 7200rpm redline.

Torque remains the same as the Competition at 650Nm, but is available over a slightly wider rev-band between 2750 and 5950RPM. What’s the secret? Boost pressure has been increased from 1.7 to 2.1 bar, and an engine remap bonded everything together. 

The xDrive system is also carried over from the M3, with Sport+ mode being able to convert the powertrain to full rear-wheel drive. An electronically-controlled limited-slip differential is also standard equipment.

The new M3 CS jumps the century sprint in a blistering 3.4 seconds. Flat out, it’ll rocket to 302km/h, limited by the M Sport upgrades.

BMW M’s carbon pack is out in full force for the CS, and the car is topped off with loads of carbon fibre goodies that include the roof, mirror caps, splitter, intake surrounds, rear bumper insert and lip spoiler. The exhaust system also features a new titanium silencer. All in all, you’re looking at a 20kg weight-shedding programme.

One reason why the M3 CS is so potent is due to its bespoke chassis setup, with new kinematics and camber adjustments done to both axles. 

There are also new damper rates, auxiliary springs and bespoke anti-roll bars, all of which make the car more track-focused than anything else out there. Power steering has also been recalibrated to maximise the car’s chassis and performance upgrades.

Here’s the juicy part. The CS gets the same 19- and 20-inch front and rear wheels from the CSL. A sticky set of Michelin Cup 2 275/23 ZR19 front and 285/30 ZR20 rear are fitted from the factory. 

For those who honestly don’t need such extreme tyres, reveal images also show the CS wearing “less extreme” Pilot Sport 4S treads. Cast iron brakes are standard, but carbon ceramics as always are available as an option. 

So, when is your wallet ready?

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