Continental Launches MaxContact MC7 High-Performance Tyre

Continental Launches MaxContact MC7 High-Performance Tyre

Crafted for the adrenaline-loving driver, the new MaxContact MC7 high-performance tyre from Continental is tailored for Asia Pacific drivers.

With a nod to the dynamic demands of the Asia Pacific’s varied roads, the new Continental MaxContact MC7 tyres are tailored to add a dash of sportiness to the daily grind.

Mr Tolga Mutlu, Head of Product Management, Continental Replacement Tires APAC, asserts, “After more than 8,000 hours of relentless R&D, poured by a team of 25 seasoned engineers and material experts, we’ve sculpted a sporty tyre that transforms everyday driving into an exhilarating experience.”

The MaxContact MC7 presents enhanced handling and exceptional stability, allowing drivers to navigate sharper turns at high speeds with precision.

Thanks to the innovative Cornering Macroblocks, this tyre broadens its contact area for a more formidable road presence. Coupled with the ReFlex Compound, it resists tyre deformation, translating to a tack sharp steering response.

Rain or Shine, Performance Doesn’t Pause

With the unpredictability of APAC’s weather, the MaxContact MC7 ensures that a little rain doesn’t dampen the spirit of your drive. Innovative Silica technology embedded within the ReFlex compound significantly shortens braking distances, ensuring safety without sacrificing performance.

New 3D Laser-cut Sipes are designed to reduce the risk of aquaplaning, expelling water and maintaining a grip that instils confidence, rain or shine. Plus, the upgraded Two-in-1 Noise Breaker 3.0 ensures that the only soundtrack to your drive is the purr of your engine and the beat of your favourite song, not the road beneath you.

Continental will make the new tyre available in sizes from 16” to 21”, and rolling out across APAC markets from the first quarter of 2024.

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