Dębica Presto – New Budget-Friendly Summer Tyre for SUVs

Dębica Presto – New Budget-Friendly Summer Tyre for SUVs

Dębica recently unveiled its latest offering, the Dębica Presto, a summer tyre designed to meet the needs of budget-conscious SUV consumers.

With a focus on superior wet grip and efficiency, the Presto is available in sizes ranging from 16 to 19 inches, catering to the increasing demand for larger SUV tyres without compromising on quality or affordability.

The Dębica Presto boasts several technological advancements aimed at providing versatile usage across various vehicle types, with a strong emphasis on durability and reliable performance. Its low rolling resistance compound enhances fuel efficiency, making it an attractive option for eco-conscious drivers seeking a budget-friendly tyre.

A standout feature of the Presto is its tread pattern, engineered for effective water evacuation to enhance safety and control in wet conditions. This, coupled with its robust construction, enables the tyre to support a wide range of vehicle fitments, particularly the latest SUV models that demand higher performance standards.

Sonia Leneveu, Director of Marketing Consumer Europe at Goodyear, expressed enthusiasm for the new launch, stating, “The Dębica Presto is a strategic addition to our summer tyre lineup, reaffirming our commitment to the budget tyre market. Available in 22 sizes, it reflects our response to current market trends, offering customers quality and value.”

The Dębica Presto made its debut in the market in January 2024, with plans for a phased rollout of 22 new sizes by August 2024. This approach ensures broad availability, allowing drivers to benefit from the latest tyre technology aimed at enhancing their driving experience and safety.

With the summer tyre market experiencing steady growth, the Presto is well-positioned to make a significant impact by offering a blend of performance, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness for drivers worldwide.

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