Curious About What Tyres Are Fitted To The Devel Sixteen?

Curious About What Tyres Are Fitted To The Devel Sixteen?

With an untested “quoted” horsepower figure of 5000, what tyres does the Devel Sixteen use to keep itself planted on the roads?

Back in 2013, automotive fans from around the world were treated to a new hypercar reveal. But, it wasn’t any of the supercar giants we know and love today.

Instead, this new “hypercar” was the supposed brainchild of a new car company based in the United Arab Emirates. Aptly named Devel Motors, the new kid on the block decided to make a name for themselves by launching this car, dubbed the Devel Sixteen, with a few unique traits.

The one trait that got people talking about it? Oh yes, it was that this car will debut with an astonishing, mindblowing 5000 horsepower. Yes, this isn’t a typo. 5000.

If the name wasn’t obvious enough, the Devel Sixteen will feature a V16 engine and quad turbos. Devel claims it can do about 560km/h (350mph) at max speed, which made most people sceptical. How can this new startup of a company trump the automotive speed giants of the world (think Bugatti, Koenigsegg, SSC, Hennessey) with the first car they built?

Of course, not to everyone’s surprise, Devel has never officially come close to any of their speed or performance claims. Since the Devel Sixteen’s reveal in 2013, only 1 car has ever been made. The rest are just shells, cannot run on their own power, and just sit pretty at motor shows garnering curious stares from passersby. 

This unit you see here is one of those shells. But, let’s take a closer look and see what tyres Devel has fitted on it. Surely, with a car that can produce 5000 horsepower, some beefy rubbers are in order to keep it planted on the roads.

Unsurprisingly, this prototype Devel Sixteen sits on Pirelli P Zero tyres. I mean, were you expecting Cinturato P7s? But, what’s interesting is the size of these threads. Both front and rear tyres share the exact same profile – 335/25 ZR22 (105Y).

While the rears can sort of make sense due to the “immense” power the Devel can supposedly put out, the fronts are frankly comical with that tyre size. I can only assume these were chosen due to the car’s bogus claim of having all-wheel-drive (AWD).

Even the Bugatti Chiron only has tyres that are 285 in width all round. And those tyres are specially developed, created and tested to be able to withstand speeds in excess of about 480km/h (300mph).

I am extremely confident the Devel Sixteen’s current tyres cannot go anywhere near its top speed claim. I mean, the “Y” rating on the P Zero tyres should give you all of the details you need to confirm that suspicion.

I guess the only benefit the Devel Sixteen has going for it, is that you don’t have to find two different tyre sizes. Otherwise, like the rest of the car, it’s all a bunch of hot air.

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Sean Loo

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