Falken Launches New ZIEX ZE320

Falken Launches New ZIEX ZE320

If you thought the ZIEX ZE310 Ecorun was impressive, Falken’s been hard at work on its successor, and it promises to be even better.

So, what’s the big deal with the ZE320?

The ZE320 drops the ‘Ecorun’ suffix, but this tyre is more environmentally friendly than ever. The first twelve sizes are set to hit Europe in early summer 2024, with another 48 sizes coming by spring 2025.

The new ZE320 is produced in Turkey using a more environmentally friendly filler derived from rice husks. Falken and its parent company Sumitomo Rubber Industries have drawn on over 30 years of silica research to pull off this feat. Typically, silica is extracted from special types of sand, but Falken has found a way to use rice husks, an abundant agricultural by-product. 

Over 100 million tonnes of rice husks are produced globally each year. By extracting silica from the ashes of these husks, Falken can lower greenhouse gas emissions compared to traditional methods. The process not only generates less CO2 but also creates heat that can be converted into electrical energy for other tasks.

A pre-production version of the ZE320 has already wowed the trade media. You can expect great wet weather grip, low wear rates, and a longer tyre life; a tyre that’s kind to your wallet and the planet. 

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Sean Loo

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