Ferrari Enzo Receives New Pirelli P Zero Tyres From The Collezione Range

Ferrari Enzo Receives New Pirelli P Zero Tyres From The Collezione Range

The new Collezione tyre enriches Pirelli’s offering for Ferrari Classic, enhancing a relationship between two Italian greats.

Pirelli and Ferrari are continuing their partnership stretching back over seven decades, with the launch of new bespoke tyres for some of Ferrari’s most iconic models, including the Enzo, F40, and F50. These models are part of the Pirelli Collezione, a range designed to combine classic aesthetics with modern technology to keep vintage and modern classics performing at their peak.

For the Ferrari Enzo, Pirelli has introduced the new P Zero Corsa System. This set includes tyres of sizes 245/35 R19 for the front and 345/35 R19 for the rear. Despite their vintage look, these tyres incorporate contemporary materials and technologies, offering stability at high speeds and enhanced safety through improved aquaplaning resistance. This blend of old-world aesthetics with new-world tech ensures that the driving experience remains as thrilling as ever, but with the added confidence of modern safety.

The Ferrari F40, an icon that became the first mass-produced car to be equipped with Pirelli P Zero as original equipment back in 1987, now sees a dedicated version within the Collezione range. This tyre, in sizes 245/40 R17 for the front and 335/35 R17 for the rear, maintains the car’s legendary performance capabilities, tailored to handle its 300kph top speeds.

Similarly, the F50, often heralded as the closest road car to a Formula 1 vehicle that Maranello ever built, receives tyres in sizes 245/35 R18 for the front and 335/30 R18 for the rear. These ensure that the F50’s legacy as a pinnacle of road-legal, race-inspired technology continues unblemished.

Beyond just enhancing classic supercars, Pirelli is pushing the boundaries in tyre innovation and sustainability. The P Zero range, while rooted in motorsport heritage, has evolved to meet modern demands of performance, safety, and environmental consciousness. Notably, the introduction of the Elect marking in 2019 denotes tyres specifically designed for electrified vehicles, marrying performance with reduced environmental impact.

Through these advancements, Pirelli and Ferrari not only preserve the majestic driving experiences of classic supercars but also embrace a future where performance and sustainability are not mutually exclusive.

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