Former Formula 1 Champion Calls For Huge Tyre Changes

Former Formula 1 Champion Calls For Huge Tyre Changes

A few more tweaks to the rulings in Formula 1 would help increase the excitement and drama of races, right?

1996 Formula 1 Champion Damon Hill, in a podcast with F1 Nation, mentioned a rather zesty idea to sprinkle some extra excitement into the sport that’s been fueling our adrenaline for decades.

Now, what’s all the buzz about? Well, Hill’s got this notion that throwing all three tyre compounds into the mix could be the secret sauce to ramping up the thrill factor in F1. In any case, Pirelli, the tyre maestros, already serve up three tyre sets for each race, so it wouldn’t be a huge logistical challenge.

The current ruling stands at during the race, each driver must use at least two sets, ensuring a pit stop for all, no matter the tyre wear.

Hill’s idea is to summon the third tyre compound, and thus two mandatory pit stops, into action. Double the strategizing and a recipe for reclaiming that lost excitement.

Hill’s not just cooking up theory stew here; he’s got some real backing. He said this move could crank up the pit stop party and curb that one-stop snooze fest. And you know what? He’s got a point.

Remember that recent Belgian Grand Prix? Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton were playing “who’s going to pit first”, building gaps, and diving into the pits for fresh rubbers, all in a bid to snatch up the fastest lap point. There’s an example of his plan executed.

Sure, not everyone’s popping confetti for this idea. The Formula 1 drivers have their concerns about those slippery rain-soaked tracks. After all, the memory of the tragic Spa crash involving F2 driver Dilano van Hoff is still fresh. The FIA even flirted with ‘rain guards’ to tame the spray, but, let’s face it, it wasn’t as effective as initially planned.

It is unlikely that this could become a reality, but anything to make the sport more interesting right?

Sean Loo

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