FSC-certified Pirelli tyres debut at Formula 1

FSC-certified Pirelli tyres debut at Formula 1

Pirelli’s complete range of FSC-certified tyres have just debuted at the start of the 2024 FIA Formula One World Championship.

Pirelli has taken a significant stride in sustainability by becoming the first company to produce a full range of FSC-certified tyres for motorsport.

The FSC certification, awarded by the Forest Stewardship Council, ensures that all natural rubber used in the tyres meets strict environmental and social criteria.

This certification, announced alongside Pirelli’s renewal as the Global Tire Partner of Formula 1 until at least 2027, applies to all tires used in the FIA Formula One World Championship, including pre-season testing.

The introduction of FSC-certified tyres follows a rigorous development program that began in 2022, demonstrating both reliability and performance.

The debut of these certified tyres at the 2024 Bahrain Grand Prix marks a significant moment in motorsport. It reflects Pirelli’s commitment to delivering sustainable performance, even in the demanding environment of Formula 1.

Pirelli has also been recognised as a leader in climate change efforts, maintaining a position on the CDP’s (Carbon Disclosure Project) Climate A list for the sixth consecutive year. Additionally, Pirelli was the first tyre manufacturer to receive a three-star rating from the FIA’s Environmental Accreditation Program.

The FSC certification is part of Pirelli’s broader initiatives in motorsport sustainability, including transforming used tyres into secondary raw materials, using renewable energy for tyre production, employing virtual design technology to reduce prototypes, eliminating tyre warmers, and prioritising sea freight over air freight for more eco-friendly logistics.

Giovanni Tronchetti Provera, Pirelli Executive Vice President of Motorsport, Sustainability and Future Mobility, emphasised the significance of this milestone, stating that Formula 1 serves as an exceptional open-air laboratory for sustainable technology development.

Sara Mariani, FIA Sustainability and D&I Director, praised Pirelli’s commitment to sustainability, aligning with the FIA’s Environmental Strategy to reduce motorsport’s impact and promote sustainable innovation.

The FSC certification of Pirelli’s natural rubber supply chain is part of the company’s ongoing efforts to manage natural rubber sustainably, following the principles outlined in the Pirelli Sustainable Natural Rubber Policy.

Ellen Jones, Formula 1 Head of ESG, expressed Formula 1’s pride in collaborating with Pirelli on sustainability, highlighting the introduction of FSC-certified tyres as a positive step towards achieving Net Zero by 2030.

Fabian Farkas, Forest Stewardship Council International Commercial Director, commended Pirelli’s leadership in addressing environmental and socio-economic challenges in the natural rubber value chain.

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