Giti Tire Poised To Supply BlueSG Tyres

Giti Tire Poised To Supply BlueSG Tyres

Giti Tire’s Comfortable Cruise: Making Tracks with BlueSG

Giti Tire has recently embarked on a mission to find the perfect tyres for BlueSG’s Bluecar fleet. Tyres that offer not just a comfortable ride but also boast longevity. Well, after a 9-month trial period, both Giti and BlueSG noticed something. 

The GitiComfort T20s proved their mettle with flying colours. It fits the bill perfectly, so, it’s only natural that a formal agreement blossoms from this.

But what’s the secret behind these tyres? Well, it’s in their robust construction. And their design also helps reduce noise. Plus, it’s a tyre that’s tailor-made for electric vehicles, so efficiency and environmental friendliness come as standard features.

Giti Tire isn’t new to the game; they’ve got a treasure trove of tyres designed for all sorts of vehicles. From zippy performance cars to those trusty delivery vans, they’ve got it all. And these tires? They’ve won nods from international certification bodies, so quality and safety? Absolutely assured.

Now, what does Chris Bloor, the Executive Director of International Sales & Marketing for Giti Tire Group, have to say about this intriguing collaboration? “Our partnership with BlueSG is more than just rubber meeting the road. It’s about understanding the unique needs of electric vehicles and thriving rental car fleets. The insights we gain here will be like gold, helping us fine-tune our technical services and products.”

Giti Tire is no small player; they’ve got their manufacturing mojo going on in the United States, Indonesia, and China, not to mention their global offices. It’s all part of their grand plan to become a leading tyre name, not just in Singapore but on the world stage.

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