Hankook to be sole Formula E tyre supplier from 2023

Hankook to be sole Formula E tyre supplier from 2023

Korean tyremaker will replace Michelin as the electric race series moves to its Gen 3 cars

Tyres have been integrally linked to motorsports since the very beginning, which is why it’s a Big Deal whenever a tyre company gets contracted to supply an entire race series. 

That’s the news for Hankook, which will become the sole supplier for Formula E as the series enters its third generation for the 2023 season. 

This will be arguably Hankook’s crowning achievement in motorsports thus far, on top of its existing supply deals with the German DTM touring car series and the all-female Formula W. 

Hankook’s Formula E race tyres will carry iON branding, which is the company’s name for its EV-optimised road car tyres, and is said to be nearly 30% made of sustainable materials. Not only that, but Hankook recycles each set of used tyres after every race weekend.

One peculiarity of Formula E is that, unlike other race series around the world, only one all-weather tyre variant is available come rain or shine (even the World Rally Championship has different tyres for dry and wet conditions), and teams are only allocated one set throughout the entire race weekend. So not only does such durability ensure that Formula E minimises its environmental impact, customers will also benefit from the know-how gained from racing as the tyre technology transfers from race to road.

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