Hankook to launch iON tyre range for EVs

Hankook to launch iON tyre range for EVs

Hankook iON tyres are optimised to have reduced rolling resistance, lower noise, high durability, and better traction for electric vehicles

The wholesale switch from internal combustion to electric vehicles has been called the biggest change to the automobile indusry in its 130+ year history. But beyond the radically different production processes and the infrastructure required for use, what the average motorist experiences most is an EV’s massive difference in weight, the markedly more aggressive way they turn energy into forward motion, and their near-total silence. 

Those differences are so great that just as EVs are very different from conventional cars, so too do they need tyres that are also engineered differently. That’s why tyre companies are now scrambling to develop EV-specific rubber, and Hankook is the latest entrant on the market. 

In May 2022, the Korean tyre company will be launching iON, its first family of tyres specially designed for electric vehicles. Characteristics of the new iON tyre development include reduced rolling resistance, lower noise, high resilience, and the ability to withstand the high instant torque levels of EV motors. Compared to conventional tyres, for drivers of electric cars this means more range per battery charge and a more refined driving experience.

Klaus Krause, Head of the Hankook Tire Europe Technical Center in Hanover, Germany: “We are particularly proud that the new Hankook iON summer tyre, has achieved an A/A/A rating on the EU tyre label. This corresponds to the highest performance in terms of rolling resistance, wet grip and tyre noise.”

The iON tyres will initially be available in three versions, in sizes between 18 and 22 inches: the Hankook Ventus iON S summer tyre, the Hankook Winter i*cept iON winter tyre, and the Hankook Ventus iON A an all-season tyre. Hankook says that further variations are in the pipeline.

Sanghoon Lee, President of Hankook Tire Europe: “With the introduction of this new iON tyre family, our company is increasingly acknowledging the rapid growth in demand for electric vehicles and the associated need for suitable tyres, also in terms of the need for replacements.”

Looking for special tyres for your EV? Pirelli’s Elect range is another alternative.

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