Michelin Primacy 4+ Launched

Michelin Primacy 4+ Launched

The new Michelin Primacy 4+ summer Touring tyre claims better wet performance and a longer effective lifespan

Following on from the launch of its Pilot Sport 5 UHP tyre, Michelin has also revealed its Touring (or Premium Comfort) tyre for sedans and SUVs, the Primacy 4+.

In its current iteration, the Primacy 4+ improves upon fuel efficiency and longevity compared to the previous generation. Calling upon “Max Touch Construction” which “maximizes contact with the road, distributing forces of acceleration, braking and cornering evenly,” the French tyre manufacturer claims it has managed to eke out “20% more mileage than the Michelin Primacy 3.”

A good summer tyre designed for commuting, transporting families over long journeys in comfort and in safety must necessarily also be a good wet-weather tyre, especially in our part of the world.

To this end, Michelin utilizes “EverGrip Technologies” that “feature the latest generation high performance rubber compound providing excellent wet braking performance” which “cleverly combines two layers of rubber in order to offset the loss of tread depth” and “gives 22% more space to evacuate water in wet conditions, even when worn.”

Knowing how sudden downpours can sodden our days here in Singapore and Southeast Asia, it’s comforting to know that the only four points of contact with the road can keep us and our family safe when situations call for it.

Michelin says that the Primacy 4+ “will be offered in 82 dimensions from 16-19 inches by March, reaching 121 dimensions from 16 to 21 inches by the end of 2022.” This should cover a whole gamut of cars whose owners demand nothing but the best for themselves and their families.

Unfortunately, the Primacy 4+ won’t be heading to Singapore, as it uses a compound that better suits temperate climates than the tropics. Still, we look forward with anticipation to what Michelin will bring to our market next.

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  • W213
    August 11, 2022, 2:30 pm

    Fake news. There is availability in SG markets. Literally just fitted them on from local tire dealer.


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