Michelin tyres For New Alpine A290

Michelin tyres For New Alpine A290

Like the A110, the new Alpine A290 will get Michelin rubbers OEM from the factory.

Alpine and Michelin are back at it again, joining forces to create custom tyres for Alpine’s new A290. The car is set to be kitted out with three specially crafted 19-inch Michelin tyres. We’re looking at two summer models and one winter variant, each flaunting an exclusive Alpine marking.

Philippe Krief, CEO at Alpine, shared more details on this partnership. They’ve zeroed in on a tyre that balances rolling resistance with unyielding grip and driving dynamics.

The goal? To squeeze out every bit of range from the first electric Alpine, while still keeping that zesty Alpine drive feel alive and kicking.

Meet the Michelin Trio

  • Michelin Pilot Sport EV: This is the summer tyre that’s all about performace with a green twist. It promises a blend of grip, longevity, and autonomy, perfect for those who crave energy efficiency without skimping on performance.
  • Michelin Pilot Sport S5: The sportier sibling in the summer tyre lineup. This one’s crafted to unleash the full potential of the A290, ensuring top-notch performance on both wet and dry tracks.
  • Michelin Pilot Alpin 5: The winter warrior, designed to tackle a variety of winter conditions, offering exceptional grip in cold, wet, or snow-laden scenarios.

Developing tyres for electric vehicles isn’t a walk in the park. There’s a whole new world of weight distribution and instant torque to consider. Plus, the Alpine A290 is a nifty 3.99 metres long, sporting a short wheelbase for that nimble, agile feel.

With wider tracks, the A290 boasts enhanced stability, especially noticeable during those heart-racing braking moments. The wider tracks also allow for a 15% increase in the tyres’ tread cross-section to a substantial 225 mm width, amplifying the tyre’s contact with the ground.

Read more tyre news on AUTA, or check out our latest videos on Ignition Labs TV!

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