New Bridgestone Turanza 6 touring tyre revealed

New Bridgestone Turanza 6 touring tyre revealed

The Bridgestone Turanza 6 promises great wet performance and a much improved lifespan

Bridgestone has just unveiled its new Turanza 6, the latest evolution of its flagship comfort or touring tyre range. 

It replaces the popular Turanza T005, and promises not only improvements in mileage and efficiency compared to its predecessor, but is also claimed by Bridgestone to be best in class for wet weather performance.

We’d love to verify that at our own Asia’s Ultimate Tyre Awards tyre test in future of course, but in the meantime, Bridgestone does have some figures to back its claims up.

In independent testing by German standards institution TÜV SÜD, using a BMW 5 Series with 225/45R18 tyres, the Turanza 6 was verified to have better lateral aquaplaning resistance and lateral wet grip than its rivals, the Continental PremiumContact 6, the Michelin Primacy 4+, and AUTA 2022’s Eco Tyre Of The Year, the Pirelli Cinturato P7:

Lateral aquaplaning Lateral wet grip
Bridgestone Turanza 6100%100%
Continental PremiumContact 692.0%97.0%
Michelin Primacy 4+90.2%95.1%
Pirelli Cinturato P796.9%93.3%

The same tests also found that although the Turanza 6 didn’t quite top the charts in straight-line aquaplaning resistance and wet braking, it did come darn close:

Straight-line aquaplaningWet braking (80-20km/h)
Bridgestone Turanza 6100%33.7m
Continental PremiumContact 6100.2%33.0m
Michelin Primacy 4+98.5%36.0m
Pirelli Cinturato P798.9%34.4m

Thanks to TECHSYN and ENLITEN technologies, the Turanza 6 is also reported to be 22% longer lasting and has 4% less rolling resistance than the T005, and is also 2dB quieter in a drive-by test. This means it’ll be a suitable choice for any driver looking for a comfortable ride, be they driving a conventional car or an EV.

No word yet on Singapore availability, but the Turanza 6 is due to launch in Europe early next year, with 136 sizes ranging from 16” to 22” for both car and SUV applications.

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