Nexen Tyre teams up with Kervin Brisseaux for new campaign

Nexen Tyre teams up with Kervin Brisseaux for new campaign

Nexen Tyre recently unveiled its new campaign imagery developed in collaboration with Haitian-American artist Kervin Brisseaux.

Nexen is embarking on a new journey of brand development with its captivating slogan, “We got you.” Their latest campaign is born from a collaboration with an artist whose unique illustration style draws inspiration from the realms of fashion, music, and pop culture.

The artwork is definitely flashy and eye-catching to say the least, a distant departure from traditional tyre advertisements. According to Nexen, it’s all about self-confidence and pride portrayed through these animals, while the background colours reflect the brand’s essence and seasonal vibes.

Nexen also had creative inputs from Saint Elmo’s, an agency with a track record in branding, design, campaigns, and content creation. Their collaboration with Nexen has brought forth this project, a visual campaign that speaks volumes about the brand’s forward-thinking and innovative approach.

Stefan Schütte, CCO of Saint Elmo’s, said, “Working with Nexen Tyre has been an incredible experience. We share a common vision of creating campaigns that are forward-thinking and innovative, and it was a pleasure to bring Kervin Brisseaux’s artistic genius to the fore.”

DC Kim, Vice President of Europe Sales & Marketing of Nexen Tyre Europe, adds, “We believe this collaboration with Kervin Brisseaux and Saint Elmo’s will take Nexen Tyre to new heights and position our brand in the minds of consumers as trendy and premium. Nexen Tyre is bold to be different and is taking the lead in this new journey.”

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