Next-level Full HD Dashcam: BlackVue DR750X Plus Series

Next-level Full HD Dashcam: BlackVue DR750X Plus Series

Taking the quintessential dashcam to Cloud 9.

Picture this: It’s a post-pandemic world. The madness has ended. Regular business trips have resumed. So have family holidays. Your pride and joy is parked, left unattended for days on end. You want to check up on your car just to make sure everything is fine and dandy.

With cloud connectivity, this is a reality. Fire up an app on your phone, log into your account and pull recorded events from your car’s dashcam for further inspection, or even view in real time the goings-on around your car.

Cloud connectivity

That is exactly what BlackVue has done with its latest full HD 1080p, 60FPS offering, the DR750X Plus Series.

With the optional CM100LTE LTE Connectivity Module and a nano SIM card, your car’s BlackVue dashcam is now securely accessible by you worldwide via BlackVue’s free app for iOS and Android

Sharper details

BlackVue has taken its popular DR750X dashcam, and updated it with an improved Sony STARVIS image sensor which delivers outstanding low-light performance, allowing the Plus Series to capture fine details even in the most contrasted of environments during daytime.

Enhanced Night Vision mode boosts maximum ISO sensitivity but with less noise. Even without it, the DR750X Plus Series dashcam’s night vision already outperforms other CMOS image sensors on the market.

Never miss another significant moment again on the road or when parked.

Optimised microSD card usage

BlackVue’s Adaptive Format-Free File Management means improved recording stability and less microSD card formatting is needed. With continuous loop recording and event files overwrite protection, you can be sure that any event files that were triggered either by impact or manually activated are retained for your review later on.

And with support for up to 256GB of microSD, you can also be sure of not running out of recording space any time soon.

Single or dual channel?

BlackVue has standardised its firmware for the DR750X Plus Series, meaning both single- and dual-camera installations run the same firmware. 

If you’re unsure as to whether you need a dual-camera setup, you can always start off with a single camera first, and then easily add the rear-facing camera later on.

To dashcam or not to dashcam, that is the question…

Simply put, dashcams are a necessity these days, and relatively cheap insurance to boot. As a matter of fact, some insurance companies actually offer further discounts off their annual premiums for cars with installed dashcams.

Rather than being faced with a he-said-she-said-whodunit situation, one might as well get it on camera in high resolution, with fine detail through BlackVue’s DR750X Plus Series.

Simply make a booking via AutoApp and a friendly Service Ambassador will bring your car to have  BlackVue’s DR750X Plus Series dashcam installed, or check out BlackVue’s list of authorised dealers here.


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