Pirelli Curates Custom Stella Bianca Tyres For Historic Porsches

Pirelli Curates Custom Stella Bianca Tyres For Historic Porsches

Thanks to the Pirelli Collezione family, these historic Porsches are given new life with classic threads.

One of the biggest challenges faced by classic car owners is the fact that OEM tyres are extremely hard to come by. Some of these cars have easily crossed the 50-year-old mark, and require bespoke tyres that are custom made for their dimensions.

Pirelli understands this problem, and thus created the Collezione collection – a special division that specialises in classic car tyres. 

Recently, Pirelli has launched another set of threads, aimed at the Porsche 550 Spyder and 356 Pre-A, respectively the German brand’s first centre-engine race car and the first production model built in Stuttgart.

Both are legendary Porsches with decorated histories, and when the Porsche 550 Spyder was present at the F.A.T. Ice Race 2024 (an event of which Pirelli is an official partner), it was equipped with tailor made Stella Bianca tyres with studs.

Stella Bianca is one of Pirelli’s longest-lasting tread designs, and comes in sizes 5.00/5.25-16 for both Porsche models.

These new tyres will be available from February 2024, and whilst they look identical to the original, these tyres are laced with modern technology inside to offer efficiency and safety even on wet surfaces.

There are many elements incorporated that refer to the past: the cross-ply structure, the redesigned tread with the help of historical documents preserved in the Pirelli Foundation archive, and the classic Pirelli logo with shield. Even the lettering is period-correct, denoting it is the sporty version of the Stella Bianca.

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