Pirelli Launches New All-Season Scorpion MS

Pirelli Launches New All-Season Scorpion MS

Improved comfort, mileage, and safety in the wet, this tyre is in response to the request of customers.

Pirelli has just unveiled their latest creation – the Scorpion MS. It’s touted as a high-performance all-season tyre crafted especially for the latest generation of SUVs.

The Pirelli’s wizards have conjured a blend of safety and environmental consciousness in this tyre, fitting for the era of conscious driving. This tyre knows how to roll with style, reducing resistance and boosting your fuel efficiency game.

Elect technology is featured in this new tyre, a feature designed specifically for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles. In fact, a whopping 75% of the original equipment Scorpion MS co-development projects flaunt this tech.

Other notable innovations include the Seal Inside anti-puncture system and Run-Flat technology, giving you the power to continue rolling even with a flat tyre. PNCS (Pirelli Noise Cancelling System) is another new upgrade which helps to reduce road and tyre noise, making your ride quiet. Pirelli claims it’s designed to reduce noise by a whopping 25%, making it a definite game changer in the world of silent EVs.

The Scorpion MS is a year-round performer too. Pirelli’s designers have tinkered with compounds and tread patterns, creating a tyre that grips well in both wet and dry conditions. And when the snowflakes fall, fear not – the Scorpion MS is prepared for it as well.

The tyre will first debut on the Maserati Grecale Folgore, and it’s said to be the default OEM tyre for the model.

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