Pirelli Tyres For The Lotus Eletre SUV

Pirelli Tyres For The Lotus Eletre SUV

Pirelli Unleashes a New Generation of Tyres for the Electrifying Lotus Eletre.

The world of electric vehicles continues to evolve at an unprecedented pace, and Pirelli, the iconic tyre manufacturer, is stepping up to the challenge. Pirelli has homologated 10 different tyres to equip the Lotus Eletre, the very first electric hyper-SUV from the renowned British performance brand.

This groundbreaking collaboration has resulted in a range of bespoke tyres that are specifically designed to meet the Eletre’s demanding requirements and deliver unrivalled performance.

The Lotus Eletre will boast a range of options that provide different driving experiences. The 22-inch P Zero (275/40R22, 315/35R22) and 23-inch P Zero (275/35R23, 315/30R23), available with or without Seal Inside technology, along with the 22-inch P Zero Corsa (275/40R22, 315/35R22), have all been meticulously engineered to meet the Eletre’s needs.

These tyres are the result of a dedicated development program, as evidenced by the LTS marking on the sidewalls, which signifies the tire’s exclusivity to the Lotus Eletre. Additionally, the Elect marking represents the package of technologies that perfectly complements the characteristics of electric vehicles.

Dario Marrafuschi, Head of Product at Pirelli, emphasizes the significance of this collaboration: “Developing high-performance tyres for a dynamic BEV like the Lotus Eletre, we had to raise the technological level to identify new solutions that meet the needs of a market that is experiencing a real revolution, faster and more challenging than ever before. As with cars, tyres are also changing in many more ways than might appear. For us, it is essential to work alongside prestigious car manufacturers, such as Lotus, because it allows us to imagine and then carry out this evolution together.”

To ensure exceptional performance on the Lotus Eletre, Pirelli’s Elect tyres have undergone extensive optimisation. These tyres feature an optimised footprint and specific compounds that maximize grip, minimizing wheelspin under acceleration caused by the instant torque from electric motors.

The Pirelli tyre engineers also focused on developing an optimized structure to provide outstanding handling performance and precise steering feel. Acoustic comfort was another key consideration, with the goal of delivering a well-balanced attribute setting. The Pirelli Elect tyres are designed to reduce rolling resistance, resulting in quieter and more comfortable journeys. 

These remarkable attributes have been certified by the European tyre label, with all sizes boasting an ‘A’ rating for wet grip, and nearly all of them scoring ‘A’ for noise as well.

Safety is paramount, and Pirelli has gone the extra mile to ensure peace of mind for Eletre owners. For the 22 and 23-inch tyres, the innovative Seal Inside technology is available as an option. This revolutionary self-sealing system maintains air pressure within the tyre even after a puncture, allowing drivers to continue their journeys with confidence.

The bespoke P Zero and P Zero Corsa tyres for the Lotus Eletre are the culmination of a state-of-the-art development process that relied on virtual design tools. Before producing any physical prototypes, the tyre specifications were defined using advanced 3D modeling techniques. This approach enabled Pirelli and Lotus to incorporate intricate details into the design cycle, making their collaboration more efficient and effective.

The future of electric mobility has never looked more exciting.

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