Rydanz wins AUTA’s 2022 Mainstream Tyre of the year award

Rydanz wins AUTA’s 2022 Mainstream Tyre of the year award

Relative newcomer Rydanz put in a surprise performance at AUTA’s 2022 Tyre Test to stake a claim as a value-for-money tyre worth looking out for

As much as we like to marvel at the potential and technology of Performance and Touring tyres, it’s actually the bread-and-butter Mainstream tyres that are most important to most drivers, those who are just looking for something that will get them from A to B in relative comfort and safety without breaking the bank.. Hence, it’s this type of tyre that takes up the lion’s share of the market. 

During Asia’s Ultimate Tyre Awards’ Tyre Test 2022, it was the Rydan Roadster R02 that took top honours in the Mainstream tyre category, excelling with its low rolling resistance and noise levels. 

In an awards presentation with Rydanz Singapore, we asked them about their thoughts on this victory as well as what we can look forward to this year:

AUTA: Congrats on winning AUTA 2022’s Mainstream Tyre of the Year award! What does this victory mean to you, and were you expecting Rydanz Roadster R02 to win?

Rydanz: We knew we have a decent tyre through the feedback we’ve gotten from our customers, so we were fairly confident that we might get a reasonable result from it, but we did not expect the Rydanz Roadster R02 to win the Mainstream category in AUTA 2022, since there were many more major brand Brands participating as well in this segment.

AUTA: Do you intend to compete in more categories for AUTA this year?

Rydanz: Yes, we plan to participate in more categories this year. Rydanz has a wide range of products and we believe we might be able to do reasonably well in other categories.

AUTA: What can we expect from Rydanz in Singapore in 2022?

Rydanz: Rydanz is currently doing fairly well in Japan with their semi-slick and competition racing tyres under the Rydanz–Shibata name.

Models in this lineup include the UHP (Ultra High Performance) Revimax R23, R33, and R03S, with treadwear rating ranging from 80 to 280, and available in a wide variety of popular sizes ranging from 15 to 18 inches.

These tyres are mainly for a niche target market – hardcore car enthusiasts and regular trackday-goers, but we plan to promote and bring some of these tyres in for the Singapore market to try out in 2022.

To find out the results of AUTA’s 2022 Tyre Test in the UHP, Comfort, SUV, and Eco categories, click here.


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  • Ayub
    January 12, 2023, 8:59 pm

    we are looking a good brand to market in Qatar.please send your catalog and prices.

  • Stephen Loh
    October 8, 2023, 4:44 pm

    What are the types of ROAD tyres for the following sizes :
    1. 205 / 60 X 15
    2. 205 / 60 X 16
    3, 225 / 45 X 17


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