Singer DLS-T Rocking Some Fancy Shoes

Singer DLS-T Rocking Some Fancy Shoes

We came across the new Singer DLS-T at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, and can’t help but notice that it was wearing some wide shoes.

Singer is a fantastic brand. They are essentially the most well-known Porsche resto modders in the world, and some of their creations are on the crux of realism and insanity.

Their ideal canvas is the Porsche 964 911, and this time it plans to take 99 of these beauties off the roads for their new pet project – the Singer DLS-T. A 700bhp turbocharger homage to the 1977 934/5 Group A IMSA race car.

This latest creation from California’s most famous Porsche restorer combines the philosophy of its two previous projects, the Dynamics and Lightweighting Study (DLS) and the Turbo Study, to faithfully recreate a raw, coal eating, chain smoking ‘70s racer.

Of course, with such a masterpiece on their hands and well, 700bhp, some chunky tyres are in order to keep it on the roads. The original Porsche 964 had 205/55ZR16s on the front and 225/50ZR16s on the rear, done up by Bridgestone with type RE71s.

On the Singer DLS-T though, this changes to 265/35ZR19 up front and gigantic 345/30ZR20 rear rubbers. Oh, and they’re Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tyres, just to be sure. Plus, these are housed around custom-forged wheels. You can get them in silver or gold, much like the currency you’ll probably need to fork out for one of these.

I wouldn’t want to do burnouts in these either, as a new set would probably cost a few hundred easily. But, the folks at Goodwood were more than happy to let loose and melt some rubber into the tarmac so, who am I to complain? Great noise, fantastic car.

Call us amazed.

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Sean Loo

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