Suzuki Approves Continental EcoContact 6 Tyre For New Vitara And S-Cross

Suzuki Approves Continental EcoContact 6 Tyre For New Vitara And S-Cross

Suzuki has turned to Continental for its new Vitara S-Cross series, equipping it with the energy-saving EcoContact 6 tyres.

The Continental EcoContact 6 has a unique rubber compound specifically paired with a finely tuned tread design, minimising energy absorption during driving, reducing both friction and rolling resistance. This translates to lower fuel consumption for conventional cars and extended ranges for electric vehicles.

Moreover, the tyre compound promises a long-lasting lifespan, which is helpful for owners who do not have to worry about changing tyres frequently.

Performance-wise, the EcoContact 6 delivers short braking distances and reliable grip on both dry and wet roads. Its custom-designed tread pattern, featuring asymmetrical groove and sipe geometry, ensures excellent cornering stability even at high speeds. Additionally, the optimised tread design reduces rolling noise.

This tyre line and size is approved and will soon be available for the Suzuki Vitara S-Cross in numerous countries:

  • Continental EcoContact 6, 215/55 R17 94V

Considering Suzuki is approving a new tyre for the Vitara and S-Cross, it may seem like there is a new generation in the works. Only time will tell whether the rumour is true, but since these two models are getting on in age, a facelift or even a new generation seems likely plausible in time to come.

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