Toyo Tires Clinches 1st Place At Baja 400 

Toyo Tires Clinches 1st Place At Baja 400 

Bryce Menzies and Toyo Tires® took the overall win at the SCORE Baja 400 desert race, making it three straight since 2021.

Team Toyo Tires has been burning rubber and clinching victories like nobody’s business!

First, let’s tip our helmets to Bryce Menzies, the driving dynamo behind this recent triumph. Menzies and his trusty steed, the #7 Red Bull / Toyo Tires / KMC Wheels AWD Mason Motorsports Trophy Truck, kicked off their Baja adventure from the sixth position.

Now, if you’ve ever followed off-road racing, you’ll know that starting sixth is like being handed a challenge straight from the racing gods themselves. But Menzies, with his nerves of steel and a truck equipped with Toyo Open Country® M/T-R tires, was undeterred.

As the rugged 385-mile course in Baja California, Mexico, unfolded before them, Menzies steadily clawed his way up the ranks, like a surfer riding the crest of a monstrous wave. Then, around race mile 230, a hiccup – the front wheel drive of his beastly machine called it quits. But this is where experience and sheer grit came into play. Menzies, a veteran of the dirt tracks, powered on, his determination unwavering.

Fast forward, and Menzies crossed the finish line in a blaze of glory, stopping the clock at 7 hours, 53 minutes, and 54 seconds. That’s not just a victory; it’s a testament to the indomitable spirit of a racer and the reliability of Toyo’s championship-winning tires.

Now, let’s not forget the icing on this dusty cake – Team Toyo’s monumental success in the desert. While Menzies secured the top spot, Team Menzies as a whole bagged third place overall. And to make things even sweeter, driver Andy McMillin earned himself a spot on the podium. It’s a team effort that showcases the prowess of both men and machines.

But the celebrations don’t stop there, folks. Gustavo Vildósola Sr., a name synonymous with excellence in off-road racing, secured yet another victory in the Trophy Truck Legends Class. This guy is like the Benjamin Button of off-road racing, showing no signs of slowing down.

And then there’s Jason McNeil, who pulled off a spectacular performance, claiming the numero uno position in the Trophy Truck Spec class. It’s a display of skill and precision that left spectators and competitors in awe.

But what’s really got the off-road world buzzing is the fact that Team Toyo dominates the championship points across all three Trophy Truck categories this season. They’re not just racing; they’re dominating. And as a sweet cherry on top, each of these drivers is now set to lead the pack in the upcoming SCORE Baja 1000 race in November.

As Stan Chen, the senior manager of events, sponsorships, and motorsports at Toyo Tire U.S.A. Corp, rightly puts it, “Finishing on top of the podium in the penultimate race in the SCORE International series is a great accomplishment.” It’s a testament to Toyo’s unwavering commitment to durability and consistency in their race product.

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