Two Dead in Nürburgring Industry-Pool Crash

Two Dead in Nürburgring Industry-Pool Crash

Goodyear Germany has since confirmed that the two dead were employees conducting a tyre test on the Nordschleife.

Two people were pronounced dead at the Nürburgring on Wednesday, August 9th, after a crash took place during Goodyear’s Industry-Pool testing.

The two dead were identified to be Luxembourg-based Goodyear employees. The pair were performing a tyre test in a Porsche on the Nordschleife that morning. The crash occurred at Tiergarten, a series of high-speed S-bends that come after the end of the long Döttinger Hohe straight. It was reported that both occupants were thrown out of the car from the impact.

A spokesperson for the Nurburgring circuit stated: “In the course of commercial tests at the Nurburgring, the so-called industrial pool, a serious accident occurred on Wednesday, August 9, 2023, in which two people lost their lives. A vehicle taking part in the tests had a single-car accident in the Tiergarten section of the track. Although rescue measures were initiated immediately, both occupants died.”

The Industry Pool event isn’t a new trial either. It is a large-scale private test event where companies and manufacturers from the automotive and supplier industry regularly test their vehicles and products at the Nürburgring. Industry Pool sessions are not open to the public.

“During the test drives at the Nürburgring, the participating companies only have experienced, professional test drivers who have exceptional vehicle control right up to the limits and very good track knowledge of the Nürburgring Nordschleife.” the spokesperson added.

Goodyear followed up with a statement of their own “We are deeply saddened that two Luxembourg-based Goodyear associates passed away on August 9 following a vehicle incident that occurred at a test track in Germany. “We are assisting the local authorities with the investigation. Our immediate concern is for our associates’ family and friends, as well as their co-workers in Luxembourg,” 

Oftentimes, after Industry Pool sessions finish, the Nürburgring then opens up for paid public Touristenfaharten, or Tourist Drives. That Wednesday’s evening session was cancelled following the crash.

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