Watch these guys change a tyre in 77 seconds – while the car is moving

Watch these guys change a tyre in 77 seconds – while the car is moving

Impressive stunt sets new world record; and you thought changing a flat tyre was hard…

If you’ve ever had to change a tyre before, you’d know that it’s not the work of a moment. Between taking out the spare tyre and tools, then jacking up the car, then undoing the lug nuts, then swapping the wheels, then tightening and keeping everything back again, you’re probably looking at the better part of half an hour, and you’re guaranteed to be covered in brake dust, sweat, and sore muscles. I would know – I’ve changed more than a few myself for trackdays before:

Well, Italian stunt drivers Manuel Zoldan and Gianluca Folco managed to do it in just over a minute. Granted, they did have an electric wheel gun, and the spare tyre was conveniently mounted to the door right next to the wheel they were changing. But they did have one disadvantage you and I would never encounter: their car was moving

Who knew this was a thing eh? The stunt involved Folco pitching their E46 BMW 3 Series onto two wheels and keeping the car there while Zoldan clambered out the window and onto the bonnet, leaning over the fender to change the wheel.

The duo‘s time of 77.64 seconds set a new Guiness World Record for ​​”Fastest time to change a wheel on a car whilst driving”, beating the old record of 90 seconds by quite some margin. Of course, such a feat is hardly relevant to the rest of us in the real world (few Guiness World Records are), but it’s still an interesting spectacle to witness.  

FYI, the record for changing all four wheels on a stationary car is 49.03 seconds, done by a team of Austrian mechanics. Y’know, just in case you wanted a bit more relatability…

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