What tyres are on the Tesla Cybertruck?

What tyres are on the Tesla Cybertruck?

Ever wanted to know what tyres are on the Tesla Cybertruck?

With the recent market launch of the highly anticipated Tesla Cybertruck, new images and details about the all-electric pickup are finding their way online almost every week. The hype train doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon.

A fresh set of photos has revealed that the Austin-based brand has indeed been testing the Cybertruck with more than one tyre size.

As of the official launch, the Goodyear tyres on the Cybertruck, which appear to have an all-season tread pattern, are sized at a whopping 285/65R20.

Furthermore, the M+S marking, which translates to “Mud+Snow” confirms it’s an all-season tyre, but the Three Peak Mountain with Snowflake (3PMSF) symbol is missing. This means these threads haven’t been tested and rated for use in freezing temperatures in the European Union (EU).

Interestingly, the photos also show an ‘H’ speed rating, which is usually stamped on sports car tyres. The ‘H’ designation means the tyres can sustain speeds of up to 130mp/h (210km/h).

The pictures posted on social media site Reddit also reveal a look similar to those presented back in 2019 on the original prototype. Makes sense, as the tyres were meant to go hand in hand with Tesla’s patented 2-piece wheel covers (they don’t look particularly attractive to us).

The Tesla Cybertruck is currently in the early production phase at the firm’s Texas Gigafactory, with the delivery-intent production expected to begin early next year. After which, a ramp-up is expected for later in 2024.

Photo Credits: Reddit

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