Toyota GR Corolla Comes With Yokohama Advan Tyres

Toyota GR Corolla Comes With Yokohama Advan Tyres

The hotly anticipated Toyota GR Corolla was launched in January 2023, and it will be shipped to overseas markets with fresh Yokohama Advan tyres.

Following the success of the GR Yaris, an all-wheel drive (AWD) monster that has tons of power and personality, Toyota is now rolling out a new GR Corolla. Revealed in January 2023, this manual-gearbox bag of fun promises to bring back the spiritual essence of driving. Toyota’s main aim for its new lineup of GR cars is to make them commercially available for everyone to enjoy.

As the GR Corolla gets gradually introduced into overseas territories, Toyota has since revealed that it will come factory-fitted with Yokohama Advan tyres. Specifically, the Advan Apex V601. Good call Toyota, those are some beefy lads.

If you don’t already know, Yokohama Advan Apex tyres are some of the best the tyre brand currently produces, and it’s purpose-built for cars like the GR Corolla, whom owners might just fancy a trip to their local tracks.

These tyres feature an asymmetric tread pattern, reminiscent of the legendary A008, and have strong gripping power alongside great wet-weather performance. The exact tyres fitted to the GR Corolla are 235/40R18 91W. Why the same size all the way around? Like its older sibling, the GR Corolla comes with driver-configurable AWD. Nice.

Both variants of the new GR Corolla share the same 1.6-litre in-line 3-cylinder intercooler turbo engine found in the GR Yaris, with more-robust pistons for handling high levels of torque, a centrally located muffler for improved exhaust efficiency, and the highly acclaimed GR-FOUR 4WD system. Total output is rated at a cool 300bhp.

Other upgrades include increased engine torque, optimised transmission gear ratios, monotube shock absorbers and high-performance tyres. The result? A track-ready street weapon.

Of course, these are claims made by Yokohama. But, if their AD09 and A008 tyres are anything to go by, the company means business.

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