Yokohama Launches All-weather Geolander CV 4S

Yokohama Launches All-weather Geolander CV 4S

Yokohama is rolling out the new Geolander CV 4S, a tyre that’s making a grand entrance.

Yokohama calls it the “first premium all-weather CUV/SUV tyre,” touting it as a game-changer for those who love to conquer the road in style. The Geolander CV 4S also fits almost everyone. Starting from 17 inches, and going up to a bold 20 inches, it’s a size range that caters to every road monarch. And here’s the kicker: more sizes are coming in 2024.

But size isn’t the only royal decree of the Geolander CV 4S; it also comes snow-rated. Boasting an asymmetric tread pattern, the thread dances between wet and snowy terrains, making sure you have the grip while maintaining agility on roads.

And let’s not forget the zig-zag grooves – Yokohama’s answer to hydroplaning. These grooves efficiently make sure you have exceptional wet performance.

The Yokohama Geolander CV 4S also comes with a promise – long tread life. Thanks to a fancy dance of technology involving a new polymer blend and improved micro silica dispersion, this tyre guarantees not just a journey but a lasting journey.

And what’s a road journey without comfort, right? The CV 4S offers a quiet, comfortable ride. As Yokohama says, “Roll with us,” it’s not just an invitation; it’s a promise of a road trip like no other.

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