Chinese Tyremaker Sailun To Invest in New Plant in Indonesia

Chinese Tyremaker Sailun To Invest in New Plant in Indonesia

Sailun, a Chinese tyremaker, is investing USD251 million in a new factory which is poised to open in Java, Indonesia.

Chinese tyre manufacturer Sailun Group recently announced a USD251 million investment in a new manufacturing facility in Indonesia. This move marks the company’s third major overseas investment project.

The new facility, set to be located in Jatengland Industrial Park in Demak, Central Java, Indonesia, will focus on producing 3.6 million radial tyres annually, along with 37,000 tons of non-road tyres.

This development comes after an announcement last year, with Sailun establishing its first North American factory in Mexico, with an investment totalling USD 240 million.

In January 2024, the company also revealed plans to inject an additional CNY774 million (USD107.9 million) into its production facility in Cambodia, bringing its total investment in the plant to around CNY2.25 billion (USD313.22 million).

Sailun’s ambitious global expansion strategy seems to be paying off, with the company anticipating a significant rise in net profit for 2023, expecting it to reach around CNY3.1 billion, marking a sharp increase of 132.77 per cent from the previous year.

With strong growth and a steady supply of tyres from different factories, expect to see more products from Sailun in the coming months.

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