Dunlop Sport Maxx – Tyres Designed For The Nissan GT-R

Dunlop Sport Maxx – Tyres Designed For The Nissan GT-R

It’s been 16 years since the Nissan R35 GT-R made its debut back in 2007, and different tyres have been designed for it since its inception.

The latest 2024 model which debuted at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2023, nothing much has changed under the hood. The 2024 GT-R churns out 570 bhp and 637 Nm of torque derived from the same handbuilt twin-turbo VR38DETT engine. Like all models before it, power is sent to all four wheels, providing the car with its signature yet deadly launch control.

Even with its seniority, ageing chassis infrastructure did not stop engineers from chucking mechanical improvements to the GT-R. With a car that launches like nothing else on the road, beefy tyres are in order to keep the Nissan GT-R planted to the ground.

Here is where Dunlop steps in. The tyre firm has been supplying factory standard tyres for the Nissan GT-R since 2011 and has played an important supporting role in the continuous evolution of the GT-R.

In 2022, Dunlop released a new compound, dubbed the Dunlop Sport Maxx GT600 DSST, which was specifically designed to extract as much performance as possible from cars like the Nissan GT-R. These tyres feature run-flat tyre technology while also boasting outstanding sporty handling performance.

This is the same story for the 2024 rendition of the Nissan GT-R. The standard variant runs on a set of Dunlop Sport Maxx GT600 ultra-high-performance run-flat tyres, fitted to 20-spoke RAYS aluminium-alloy forged wheels.

Spring for either the T-spec or the track-focused NISMO Special Edition and these Dunlop tyres get upgraded to the SP Sport Maxx GT600 NISMO-specific compound. Lightweight 9-spoke RAYS aluminium-alloy forged wheels complete the package. With its NISMO tune, the special edition’s power figures are raised to 600 bhp and 652 Nm of torque.

All variants of the Nissan GT-R run with the same tyre sizes. The fronts are 255/40ZRF20, while the rears get a chunkier 285/35ZRF20.

These tyres are certainly not cheap, but in the grand scheme of things, they are built to handle the immense power being thrown towards them, rocketing the Nissan GT-R off the line in a flash.

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