Worn tyres are MORE dangerous than drunk driving, study warns

Worn tyres are MORE dangerous than drunk driving, study warns

A new study conducted in the United Kingdom found that worn tyres are potentially more dangerous than drunk driving.

Everyone knows that the adverse reaction to drink-driving is a huge increase in reaction time. The result? A reduction in the effective stopping distance of drivers on the road. 

However, a new report conducted by Cardiff University in the United Kingdom revealed that worn tyres on your vehicle can actually increase its effective stopping distance. Seven times more than alcohol does, in fact.

Around 27 per cent of fatal car crashes worldwide are caused by excessive drunk driving. The study found that on average, consuming alcohol over the limit had increased the time it takes for drivers to react to braking by up to 18 per cent or an extra 120 milliseconds. This means that at 112km/h, this would lead to an extra 3.77 metres of stopping distance. 

What was shocking to the team, however, was that tyres with 1.6mm of tread or less, the bare minimum for tyre threads, have approximately 36 per cent less grip than tyres in good condition. This can increase a vehicle’s stopping distance by up to 27 metres!

“When we began the research, we didn’t know which of the two factors – alcohol or worn tyres – would have the largest impact on stopping distance as the data have never been compared before.” Professor Peter Wells, who helmed the research study at Cardiff University adds.

Even though this study was conducted in the United Kingdom, worn tyres are a universal problem and should be addressed at the earliest opportunity. Check-in on your threads from time to time, and make sure they are still road worthy.

Good tyres can save lives, remember that!

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