Hankook iON: New Family of Tyres Crafted For EVs

Hankook iON: New Family of Tyres Crafted For EVs

Hankook recently announced it will be launching iON, its first family tree of tyres specially designed for high-performance, premium electric vehicles (EVs).

Global tyre maker Hankook has patented iON earlier in the year, a new series of tyres available in the U.S. that are specifically designed for electric vehicles (EVs). Now, the series has officially launched with the iON evo AS and iON evo AS SUV, and will be sold in 26 different sizes and have allowances for rim diameters from 18 to 22 inches. 

These new threads harness Hankook’s EVolution technology, which focuses on tread wear, noise reduction, and unique grip performance for EVs. They are also catered to perform in all seasons, without compromising on overall grip and rigidity.

Even wear and better mileage

The iON evo AS and iON evo AS SUV are manufactured with Hankook’s new EVolution compound, which comprises high-concentration silica and eco-friendly materials. It’s specifically designed to evenly spread road pressure, in turn extending tyre life.

The tyres also feature unique curing technology which helps reduce overall rolling resistance, which can give EVs greater mileage.

Noise-proof technology with Hankook Sound Absorber™

With silent electric motors and almost no moving parts, one of the biggest noise contributors in EVs is road noise coming from the tyres. Thus, Hankook equipped the iON evo AS and iON evo AS SUV with its in-house Sound Absorber™ technology.

Knurling technology inside the tyre grooves helps reduce tread pattern noise, while noise-absorbing compounds inside the tyre’s cavity help to further reduce cabin noise.

Improved grip and better weight distribution

Even though they can have similar dimensions to their internal combustion (ICE) counterparts, heavy lithium-ion battery packs can add a whopping 10-20% more weight to EVs, adding to more stress on the tyres.

To counter this extra induced weight, iON evo AS and iON evo AS SUV are built with Hankook’s EV Contour Technology. This increase lateral rigidity by 25% and cornering rigidity by 20% compared to its equivalent all-season touring tyres. This is achieved by a high rigidity profile and tread design, coupled with what Hankook calls 3D Grip Kontrol sipes found on the main treads, providing great all-weather performance.

“The iON evo AS and iON evo AS SUV were developed for the EV driver that wants to maximize their driving experience without sacrificing the unique benefits of this new class of vehicle,” said Kijong Kil, Vice President of RE Development. “Hankook’s EVolution technology, Hankook Sound Absorber and EV Contour Technology come together as the basis for an innovative, all-season tire that delivers outstanding results for EVs.”

With greater percentages of drivers opting for new EVs vehicles, and auto manufacturers pushing out models by the dozen, Hankook hopes to capitalise on this boom, and the iON tyres seem like the right tool for the job.

Plus, Hankook’s EV tyre technology is also making its way into the world of motorsport, being an upcoming tyre that will be used at the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship. The Hankook iON race tyre is expected to make its debut in race conditions in January 2023.

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